About Lily the Giraffe

A giraffe looks on during a safari at the Aquila Game Reserve in Cape Town, South Africa

I think Lily was getting fed up of pesky tourists bothering him all day.

UPDATE: So the Giraffe has been named Lily! Next we’re selecting the origin story for this beautiful creature, so feel free to vote on where she was born to keep this ridiculous ball going!

I took the photo of the giraffe above during a family trip to Cape Town, South Africa. There is something unique and hilarious about this particular giraffe, and it makes most people chuckle a bit when they look at it.

Seeing how much people enjoy the smug look on this character, I’ve decided to have a bit of fun with it. This giraffe needs a backstory!

Over the coming weeks/months, we together as readers and writer are going to come up with a fun story as to how the giraffe came to have such a look of smug disappointment. The first thing we need, above all else, is a name!

Without further ado, I leave it to you to come up with the next part of the story: Where was Lily born? Feel free to pick one of the options or come up with you own unique option. The more ridiculous the better, we are trying to get our creative juices flowing and have fun with this.

Happy polling!


3 thoughts on “About Lily the Giraffe

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I’m Darby’s cousin (long-lost but now I’m found). One question: are you sure your giraffe is a “guy”? She looks like a sweet girl to me!

    Nice blog + hope to meet you soon (summer BBQ coming up),


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